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Members' Newsletter


The Online Newsletter

Hi guys,
First of all, thank you all for beoming members. I haven't seen a single post in the forum though- you don't have 2 post stuff about charmed- chat about anything. Sorry I haven't sent out a  newsletter till now- been very busy with school, work and other stuff. From now on, the newletter will be on a page of the site- I will email you the url cos it won't be on the navigation bar (or anyone could read it). There is a new page on the site- competitions which only you guys can enter- there will be graphic awards and a big competition with a proper prize every couple of months.
Just to say that Heavenly Charmed will be 4 this month, so check out the site for new stuff including a competition and special birthday layout ( We are still looking for members, so please tell all your friends to head on over to

I have set up a charmed google group- if you want an invite please email me (at )
Have a good month,